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Moving Guide

As per the current research, 90.3% of people feel stressed while ultimately moving. Moving is something that cannot be avoided in a carefree manner.

However, we have the Ultimate Moving Guide to make your relocation easy and will also overcome the stress. Hence following these guide guidelines move without any hassle.

Before we discuss the following steps we must discuss the short moment related to this. Well, you may think of buying a new dream house. Nevertheless, there can be many reasons for changing the room, it can be a job promotion or you need an extra room for your baby. 

Changing can be very good and it is the best tool which will help you in moving. No matter what new home plus new surroundings can be very exciting for everyone. 

A new neighbourhood, fresh flowers, and a new garden will add happiness to your life. You have been thinking many new things about your house. For instance a new kitchen bench with plenty of space, your new home with a wider entrance, and many more. 

  • How will you do the makeover of your house? 
  • Where will you drink the morning tea or coffee? 
  • On which wall do you hang the photo frames? 

With all the above possibilities and dreams you have new satisfaction that this move will give you a great decision. 

The most important question that arises here is:

  • How can you settle into your new home without any hassles? 

Well, the foremost step is to easy to guide moving the checklist. Regardless we have years of experience in moving thousands of moving. Hence you have never encountered the most exhaustive and complete moving service like us. Thus with the following guides, your moving process will become easy.

The Build-Up To The Moving Guide 

As the best home removalist, I can say no two moving processes are the same. Thus moving is just the individual like your fingerprints. However, there are many poorly moving checklists if you do moving before 5 weeks that it will be like this. And before 6 weeks of moving the checklist will be like this. 

The main problem with this type of checklist is that everyone does not give the checklist or the six-week notice. However, moving the house suddenly is like the tonnes of bricks breaking at your head. 

Thus the building stage is the best thing where you develop when you have to move and where you will be exactly moving. 

Apart from the build-up stage week before the stage it also happens at the same time. 

  • Start Making The Lists: At this stage, you can make a writing list and stick it on the fridge so that you can know what you have to take or do at that time. Moving house is a thing where you have to do a lot of things. The ultimate moving guide which we can give is to add the things on your smartphone list for an effective moving. 
  • Research Services: Moving the house needs a lot of things that you don’t move on a normal basis. Well, the common service you need before moving the house is a technician, furniture removalist, packing service, cleaners, unpackers, Gardner’s, and many more. 
  • Maintaining the utility transfers: While preparing for the move you must pay attention to the gas, pay tv, internet suppliers, and electricity. However in this, only a few days are required to maintain but on the other hand for the electricity, the technician needs to inspect. 
  • Eliminate The Junk: It is true the longer we leave in the place, the more junk will happen. Our clothes and many other things hide the junk in the cupboards. Thus moving is the best thing in which you can get rid of it. To throw the heavy things you need big dustbins. But always remember to dampen your junk belongings before moving. 
  • Sell the Unnecessary Items: Do you have unused items at your premise? Most of you have furniture or other belongings which you don’t use. Thus at the time moving selling of unnecessary items can be a great motivation. 
  • Do Booking Of Service: Apart from transferring the utilities you must think of hiring the services. For example, you hire the removal service in advance. But at last, you hire a professional removal service. Thus this decision of yours is reactive rather than proactive. Hence it can be an unnecessary stress. 
  • Measure Up: When you move the items from one place to another make sure your thing is fixed up with tape measure. Nevertheless, fixing and packing up washing matching fridges can be difficult at the last time. Therefore it is always beneficial to know the dimension of your new place and your belongings. 
  • Eat The Pantry: If you have a lot of stuff in your pantry and fridge then you have to face a lot of things. Therefore during the build-up period, think of buying less. Thus eating less food will make a less shift on having a day and. Moreover, it is better to dispose of expired food before moving. 
  • Change Address: Before moving at the build-up time make sure you change the address from the necessary things. Moreover, you have to change your address from the key contact at some point. 
  • Child And Pet Watchers: On moving days it is very hard to look out for your beloved children and pets. Therefore if possible get friends or family members to be a child and watch at that time. 
  • Start Packing: Many people find it difficult to pack and unpack their belongings. The reason for this can be poor planning related to packing the belongings. Therefore, for this, you must make an effective plan. Nevertheless, I do the packing from room to room. Well packing the items slowly can be good but suddenly can create chaos. If not you can hire experts for packing up your items effectively. Make sure you don’t pack your belongings in survival boxes. 

1 Week Just Before Your Moving Day 

When only one week is left to move your entire house, then it’s time to give the final touch to your preparation. If you had not hired the removalist now for the moving day, then this is a thing where you are lacking at this stage. Hence pick up the phone and call them today! However, if you have thought about moving it today, then you still have the chance to do better. 

Nevertheless, the checklist at this stage involves finishing tasks rather than new tasks. 

You might have not finished all the points of the build-up preparation for moving day. 

  • Finalize Address: You might have put a few changes of addresses on hold. So just in case, you move before they have mailed you. Therefore this is the time when you switch off things and redirect the mail.  
  • Finish Packing: well you must have done all the last packing in just a week. However, you can even use experts to pack up things. 
  • Formulate white goods: Are you having more than one refrigerator in your house? Then it’s time to defrost the fridge and use only one till the moving day. Moreover, once you have washed your clothes you can even unplug the washing machine and put it in the safe moving boxes if needed. 
  • Cancel Deliveries: if there is a regular delivery of the food, newspaper, and milk then you must cancel at this stage. Also, instruct your providers that deliver all these things to the new address. 
  • Drain fuel: Are you having the powered garden movers with petrol now this is the time when you have to make fuel out of the drain. Regardless, removalists will not take up the things which have fuel in them as it is unsafe. 
  • Don’t water up your plants: Yes it seems to be very cruel to cut off planting water into plants but they can survive. Hence not watering up the plants, you will save many things from the mess on the transporting truck. Also not watering the plants will also lower the weight that’s needed to move on a moving day. 
  • Have Survival Box: You must have survival or personal or just an essential box. Thus this box must have all the things you need at the time of moving. Even if you must have everything ready you are moving on that day. Such examples are kettles, settlement documents, toasters, and passports. 
  • Back up your computer: Back up all the hard drives and safely pack your computer. 
  • Re-check the confirmations: Most utility providers like furniture removalists, electricity providers, and cleaners must get the combination letter or mail just before your move. However, the week before is the best time to re-familiarize yourself with every detail. With this ultimate moving guide your relocation will be easy. 
  • Double-check the new place: On a moving day you must have informed the building managers about it. Thus this will help in locking off the building elevator you need. Moreover, the manager will also keep the parking space at the front of your building.  However, if your new place is a very crowded street, you must check that your truck can easily get the space to park. If you fail to follow the above points then your move can be very costly. 

The Day Just Before Your Moving Day 

You must get real when your moving day is just tomorrow. In this case, the checklist will help you in giving the final touch to your moving. However, the day just before your moving day will make it or it can be breaking too.

  • Finalize the packing: Few things always need to be packed at the last minute. Whether it’s your kitchen implement or something else at your house, you never have had the risk of missing it. Thus this is the time or a day to pack all these things. 
  • Put the survival box aside:  Firstly make sure your survival box has everything you need during the moving day. Moreover, make sure you mark every box In a distinguished style so that you don’t get confused. Well, survival box planning will fail if it gets mixed and loaded with the other packed boxes. 
  • Note for new residents: This would be easy to simply forward to the new address. However, it can be very hard to do a complex walk through the home idiosyncrasies. 
  • Dissemble Furniture: Just before moving day put away the bed and sleep on the mattresses last night. Moreover, keep the shelves out of the cupboards. Also, flat pack all your fragile kit of your furniture. In addition, take out the leaf from the table and pull apart all the outdoor goods. Thus this is the ultimate moving guide. We suggest you follow us dedicatedly. 
  • Detach Your Gas Cylinder: Many removalists usually do not transport the gas cylinders as it is very hard plus dangerous to move the cylinders. Therefore to save you time on a  moving day, detach the cylinder already at the new place. 
  • Centralize Everything: To save time you can bring up the small boxes in your front room just before the moving day. Hence this will help the removalist to visualize the load and make the loading and unloading process quick. However, this is not the mandatory step but you can consider this step as a bonus point while moving. 
  • Go to sleep early: Being rested on the day of moving will be a great advantage for the smooth transition from one place to another. You can even take a glass of red to have a peaceful sleep just before your moving day. Thus if you are following the above checklist thoroughly then your love will be very successful. 

On The Moving Day 

When it is your big day that is the moving day, then the below checklist will help you ahead of the relocation game. Hence follow the below checklist as the ultimate moving guide to make your move safe and quicker. Let’s read the below checklist. 

Picking things from an old home 

  • Wake up in the morning before the removalist arrives: It is the most crucial step, but for many years I have been in this field and nobody practised this. However, waking up when the removalist came. Then the voice of the doorbell and truck will seem 8like  balls hitting your head. 
  • Load Your Things: If there are any personal items or any documents you want to take yourself. Nevertheless, make sure you pack those items into your care before the removalist arrives. Hence if not done in time, everything will be blended and mistakes can occur. 
  • Greet The Helpers: When the removalist will arrive at your house, be specific in telling them what is going around and what is not. Even you can also mention what specific things need more care. Moreover when cleaners arrive make sure you tell them from which rooms they have to start cleaning. Thus when you have multiple helpers make sure you encourage them with communicating and working together. 
  • Close the area which is done: As the rooms become cleaned and empty, then close the door. Thus this is the visual clue that you have done this and room and moved to another one. 
  • Transferring the fridge items: To transfer the fridge plus their items use the ice so that everything is kept cold on the trip. Thus this will help movers to move the fridge in a minimal time as your items are relying on the ice. 
  • When it’s all empty: At last do the final inspection of your room, open every cupboard, and shed. In addition check, no pots plants, or any ornaments have been forgotten. Hence all the things you are taking should be on the truck and your entire room should be empty. Remember this point always as it is important. 
  • Contact details: Take the number of the removalist and be in contact with him every time. Also check the address two times, so that nothing wrong will happen. 
  • Lock up: lock the entire house, closed every window of your house, and turn off the lights. If necessary drop off all the keys. 

At Your New House 

  • Inspect every room: You surely have leaned the old room but for the new residents, your rooms may have not been cleaned. Therefore as soon as the removalist arrives have a fast check on the room each drawer and the cupboards. Organise so that you get that nothing is left behind. 
  • Check the utilities: Make sure you have everything that is gas, dial tone, and power.  Make the call immediately if something is not done yet. 
  • Check appliances: Make sure every appliance like the air conditioner, and ceiling fans are working. If there is any fault report them as soon as you can. 
  • Check the keys: However be sure that the keys you have all are working and that there is no mystery lock at your new house. Well if you people are security conscious you may consider changing all your house locks and keys. 
  • Plus the freeze but don’t on it: The fridge needs to be rested so that its gas settles properly before you turn it on. Modern fridges are not like the old ones, they can be settled at your new place within an hour. If you want to be extra cautious give it more time. 
  • Show the removalist around: To help your removalist show them the entire house and give all the numbers plus their name. Well make sure you have only one directing removalist otherwise there will be time contradictions. 
  • Station Yourself at the front door: You will save time if you stand at the door and direct the removalist about each room. Hence you don’t want to pay the fine amount to the removalist you can ask them to just place the items in one place. 
  • When t unloaded: Request the removalist to wait and decide what items place can be changed. Moreover signs off the inventories which you have used. 
  • Unpack: Some professional people will unpack all the items on the I’m a day. Otherwise, you can make a simple meal from your survival box. At this time you cannot change the place and ideas about what is right or not. 

Yes, moving is a very stressful experience. However, we believe when everything is properly organized and everyone is communicating well, moving becomes easy. 

A new house can be a new lease on your life. It is very exciting to come to a new place and experience the new shops, restaurants, neighbourhoods, etc. Well, we hope the above checklist has helped you. However, you have liked our checklist. Move this to your friends and family easily. Well to move with a well-planned professional you need to hire a skilled expert for it. 

Below Are The Best Places To list Goods For Sale 

  • Community notice boards to the centres, universities, and shops
  • The trading post, The Messenger, and the advertiser
  • Facebook buy, swap, and sell pages (there are a variety of them) 
  • Car boot selling, often done by schools
  • Garage Sales 

Charities Who Accepts Donation 

  • The Salvation Army
  • Saint Vincent De Paul
  • Goodwill
  • Mission Australia
  • Diabetes SA 
  • Women’s plus Children’s Hospital
  • Red Cross
  • Life-Line 

List Of Addresses To Change  

  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance (health, life, home, contents, vehicle, etc)
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Electoral Roll
  • Work
  • Doctor
  • Medicare
  • Pet registration
  • Accountant  Lawyer
  • Charities /social clubs
  • Dentists and health professionals
  • Gym
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Superannuation
  • Union affiliations
  • Political Parties Membership
  • Mobile Phone Service
  • Australian Tax Office
  • Centrelink
  • Automobile associations (RAA)
  • Rewards programs 
  • PayPal / eBay 

What Is The Transit Bolt? 

These are the bolts that are placed at the front loading of your washing machine. Thus a transit bolt will reduce the chance of any kind of damage to your belongings. For the short journey no need for it but for safety wise you use them at the shortest destination. 

Survival Box Things 

You may include the following items in the survival boxes 

  • Paper required during moving day 
  • Need toiletries on the day 
  • Fresh sheets for the nights 
  • Remote controls 
  • Shelf lugs 
  • Small things like screws
  • Phone chargers 
  • Kitchen applicants like mugs, cups, etc 
  • Crockery and cooking utensils for making a meal
  • Pet food plus a bowl 
  • Basic tools like spanners