Does Door 2 Door Movers arrange to park during relocation?

Door 2 Door Movers can advise on the parking requirements. It is the responsibility of the customer to liaise with local administration for organizing suitable and safe parking according to their needs in their premises.

Do you help in unpacking and rearranging the goods at a new place?

Door 2 Door Movers offers unpacking services. We offer the service only if you opt for it. Our professional team unloads all your goods, unpacks and helps arrange them at your new place according to your choice of decoration.

What is the assurance of the safety of our goods during transportation?

Door 2 Door Movers provides complete insurance coverage for all the goods, which are packed and transported by our team. Our insurance is claimable throughout the country and its recovery amount matches the cost of your goods approximately.

Do you offer storage services?

Door 2 Door Movers offers storage services for both household and office or commercial goods. Our storage services are available both for short and long-term requirements.

Does your team take care of floors during the removal process?

Door 2 Door Movers always maintains safety standards at work. Be it your home or office, we take care to protect floors, doors and anything else that can get easily damaged during your relocation.

Does your office removal process affect business continuity?

All this depends upon the type of service you opt for. In cases of a partial or gradual process of office removal, your business continuity is least hampered. But if you require a quick and swift office removal process, then in the process of maintaining punctuality, your business continuity might get hampered a little bit. Door 2 Door Movers tries its level best to provide office removal services without disturbing your business procedure and continuity.

Should I empty filing cabinets during office removal?

Yes, you should empty all your filing cabinets before the removal process starts. This should be done without any exception to ensure the safety of your files and folders.

Do you provide IT relocation support?

Our team of removalists has professionals who are trained and skilled in IT-related operations. They can aptly decommission your current IT architecture and reinstall the same at your new place. We specialize in IT relocation support.

Do you offer office relocation services?

Door 2 Door Movers has a specialized office removalists team which specializes in relocating offices and business efficiently and effectively.

Can your team handle removal of fragile articles?

Our team holds experience and expertise in packing all types of articles. Your fragile articles like pottery, crockery or antique items are packed with special care. Proper filling and cushioning are provided in the boxes in which fragile articles are packed. They are placed and marked separately so that we can monitor the packages during the transit period.